Coronavirus, the pandemic that has been a problem of several deaths recently in the world. It produces significantly explained the potential of social networking e.g. Facebook. The site Facebook should be in regular use for awareness campaigns, media exposures, online buying, and selling. Several possible due to lockdown and several different campaigns that remain engaged daily on Facebook.

Notwithstanding the firm spreading of the pandemic, people accepted early effort to defend themselves, their families, and their inhabitants. Therefore, social media & networking particularly Facebook performed a tremendous position in the immediate information operations for the pandemic Coronavirus. Any characters responded with a panic ordering and stockpiling of assets that exposed the delicate nature of COVID-19. Social media too served areas in preparing themselves in spreading out to isolated regions and people to resolve their problems. Whatsapp & Facebook are the platforms mostly used for group centred awareness. Global use of the two platforms in different geo-locations for pandemic control measures.

‘Group sourcing’ is a word that is received from ‘outsourcing’ that should be applied to explain this appearance. An act of creating groups and building a group awareness. Social network information systems is an existence most utmost Facebook users are fully aware of. Especially, this friend network they necessitate is now in position for an awareness network.


In the least likely time, Facebook has shown the real powers of social media. Facebook live, Facebook chat and Facebook constant posts possess improved in that information campaigns. It is for these millions from users that comprise high-users of this social networking monster. It has done campaigns encouraged people in remote regions during COVID-19. Conceived awareness campaigns at a globalized level and has been a vital stakeholder in charity campaigns. Several businesses throughout the lock-downs become used Facebook for media campaigns. Hence, marketing of their goods, buying and selling projects during the lock-down.

Public gatherings of media gurus and confusion organisations from the global leaders are the most observed shares on Facebook most recently. People can quickly distribute their insights regarding a live program. While fighting against the pandemic, people’s suggestions are a necessity. Highlighting an important issue as to What more can be done? Moreover, global level recognition operations on what pandemic are generally. Everything those measures should be an aspect of controlling that number of mortality time in many countries. Those countries enter the United States including some European homelands that introduce U.K and Italy.

This social media bulk Facebook opened a different dimension to everything correctly social awareness is also preventive measures that are a must. Being part of the daily life of many people, through Social media, people can highlight the thoughts of most influential people, their daily routines in these current times of Coronavirus, and how they have tackled the situation concerning career aspects. COVID-19, a cause of many job losses has not only been devastation, but also a trendsetter in determining the power of digital media and social networking mediums.


The global awareness regards a pandemic and the history that relates to it is necessary to highlight the associated trends and behaviours during the disease. What happened in the past? How did it happen? Also whereby most maximum personalities were responsible to respond to varying conditions throughout a pandemic is essential to know. What’s more important is the awareness of the unseen. As it is medically determined that social distancing & washing hands steadily for 20 seconds. Furthermore, wearing a mask, especially in public places. All those dimensions should be a tremendous representative in As it is medically proved that social distancing & washing hands constantly for 20 seconds managing the pandemic. It has its similarities to a history of pandemics that came in the past that includes E-bola, Bird-flu, HIV Aids, and many others that shook the world by surprise. Nevertheless, COVID-19, the pandemic that started from Hubei Province, China began most utmost destructions in history than any additional pandemic known.

According to most facts and figures, Social media has never made aware of a pandemic at such a globalized level before then it has done for COVID-19. This is important because the pandemic is vital in the period of the ‘Power of social media’. Additionally, it is implemented including the various harmful concentrations as matched to different pandemics. However, while we are fully aware of the symptoms and the consequences of Coronavirus, it is a necessity to keep updating ourselves on social media regards to the hazards of the pandemic. Also, subsequently, the steps that can be taken to combat its fatal consequences.