Google Combine Search Console & Analytics Data into One Report

Google testing different specialities are Google Combine Search Console & Analytics Data within One Summary and called “Google Search Console Insight”.

This Search Console order gives users in-depth reporting of the performance of the position of the site and its pages, including page ways, average experience on the page, this context of site knowledge, and more characteristics than Google Analytics.

Google Search Console Insight. Google has not formally announced anything about Google Search Console Insights about something Google is designing and what unique innovations will be added. This unique feature from multiple sources. Users can regain Google Console data properly in the Search Console.

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Including features

  • Page view
  • Individual page view
  • Time spent on an individual page and overall page
  • Traffic source
  • Organic traffic
  • Direct traffic, and social media traffic
  • Referral website link
  • Showing platform wise traffic like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, other

First, we were not able to measure traffic in Google search console, but now we will be qualified to measure data following this innovation is released.

Website owners will be forwarded an email through the search console with knowledge about the forthcoming trial of the original report.

This email states that have started providing data from Google Analytics and the export of a combined Search Console property.

It is anticipated that following the launch of this innovation, Google order send a different notification to the owners of the search console website. Google measures that innovation has a few days left to launch.

Google Combine Search Console & Analytics Data into One Report