Windows 10 Insider Preview 19631 mn_release.200514.1410

Windows 10 19631 + SDK is available for download for Insiders + 19624 ARM VHDX

A new Insider Build has been provided by Microsoft. The 19631.1, more specifically, the 10.0.19631.1 mn _release (Codename Manganese) from the 14.05.2020. As in the previous version have been corrected here, only a mistake again.

Full version: Evaluation copy. Build 19631. 1 mn_release.200514.1410

It only gets really interesting in June, when the Insider Team then switches to the substructure of Windows 10 21H1 (Codename Iron [FE]). Then we will be able to (finally) try out some changes. The Windows 10 19042 20H2 will then be processed as well as the 1909 Insider in the Slow Ring.

2020-05 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version Next for x64 (KB4555452)
Security Intelligence Update for Microsoft Defender Antivirus- KB2267602 (version 1.317.35.0)

As always, we will of course try to collect the ISO files. Or you can stop by in the right Sidebar. By the way, Microsoft also made the current Windows SDK 19631 available for Download. This can be obtained here, or if not available via THIS LINK (assuming an Insider account).

Back in February with Build 19559, we added the ability to install Hyper-V on ARM64 devices such as the Surface Pro X running the Enterprise or Pro editions of Windows 10. Today, we are offering the ARM64 VHDX for Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19624, so that Insiders can run Windows 10 as a guest OS in Hyper-V. You can download the VHDX here. We will regularly release updated VHDX downloads for newer Insider Preview builds going forward.

Windows 10 Insider ARM as VHDX directly from Microsoft

In addition to the SDK, Microsoft has now also released the ARM version 19624. You can find them via THIS Link or later also at Microsoft directly. Again, the Insider account is necessary. The official Insider ISO for x64 and x84 is currently still 19619. A current ARM ISO you will get with us. So if you prefer to install the new ARM or x64 / x86, you have to wait a little longer. But now come the changes in the Windows 10 19631

Known problems in Windows 10 19631

  • We are investigating a Problem where some devices booting from eMMC memory perform a bug check when they continue from hibernation.
  • We deal with reports about the upgrade process that gets stuck for a long time when trying to install a new Build.
  • We are working to fix a problem for a future Insider Preview Build where a broken icon appears next to the page name in Settings > Privacy in the documents and Downloads sections (just a rectangle).
  • We examine reports where preview thumbnails are not consistently displayed in the taskbar (an empty area is displayed).

Fixed issues in Windows 10 19631

We have updated the configuration of Windows Hello to make sure it works well with cameras with 940 nm wavelength.

  • We fixed the problem that caused the IIS configuration to be set to the default setting after a new Build.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause a device to not be woken up from Connected Standby mode by pressing a button in certain scenarios.
  • Windows Sandbox WSB files are no longer case sensitive.
  • We have fixed an issue that affects the reliability of the Remote Desktop.

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