Microsoft Windows 10 20H1 new insider Fast 19035.1 (vb_release) 191126-1316 latest update

 Security Update KB2267602 (Version 1.305.3394.0, 1.305.3435.0 , 1.305.3443.0,1.305.3464.0)

The KB4533028 will increase the insiders to the version number Windows 10 19035.1000 as a cumulative update. This is the 10.0.19035.1000 vb_release_svc. There are no changes in this update and it is only a test for the Windows Update feature.

Good morning friends! Microsoft has released a new pre-build of Windows 10 20H1 under the number 19035 for Windows Insider program participants using the Early Access and Late Access channels.10.0.19035.1000Full build number: 19035.1.vb_release.191126-1316. As you can see, the assembly belongs to the vb_release branch, not rs_prerelease. VB is derived from Vibranium, another code name for Windows 10 20H1.

Note. In the near future, Microsoft will begin to release new builds of a new development cycle. This means that the company will again release assemblies for insiders on the Early Access channel from the RS_PRERELEASE branch, and not from the current VB_RELEASE branch. It also means that in these assemblies the watermark on the desktop will return. Since development is at an early stage, these assemblies may contain unpleasant errors and in general, will be less stable. Now is the time to check your Windows Insider settings and switch to the Late Access channel if you want to continue using 20H1.

Corrections and improvements

  •     There is no watermark in this assembly with information about the assembly in the lower right corner of the desktop. This does not mean that the update is completed.
  •     Microsoft has completed an experiment in distributing driver updates through Windows Update. On devices participating in this experiment, the “Optional updates” link in the “Settings” -> “Windows Update” section will no longer be displayed. This also fixes an issue where, after a successful driver for the printer from the Optional Updates section, it still appears as available for installation. The company thanks to the insiders for the feedback provided.
  •     Fixed an issue where the option to log in using a fingerprint (if enabled) was sometimes not offered after the device exited sleep mode.
  •     The problem is fixed, due to which some applications did not start on the first attempt after resetting the application through the “Settings”.
  •     Microsoft thanks for the feedback that insiders left to the Notepad application from the Microsoft Store. The company decided not to release this change temporarily. Insiders may notice the following changes after upgrading to a new build:
  •         If you pinned Notepad on the taskbar or in the Start menu, then you will need to re-pin it after updating to a new assembly.
  •         If you had certain types of files that opened by default in Notepad, then when you reopen files of this type, you will need to re-select Notepad as the default application.

Known bugs

  •     BattlEye and Microsoft have identified compatibility issues with some Insider Preview build with certain versions of the BattlEye anti-cheat program due to changes in the operating system. To protect insiders who may have these versions installed, a restriction has been introduced so that Insider Preview builds will not be offered for devices that may be affected by this issue. More information can be found here.
  •     Some insiders report that when you try to upgrade to a new assembly, the changes are rolled back and an error appears with the code 0xc1900101. In some cases, the update succeeds when you try again. If you encounter this problem, be sure to report it to the “Feedback Center”.
  •     Investigated reports that the system update process may freeze for a long time when trying to install a new assembly.
  •     They are investigating reports that some external USB 3.0 drives stop responding when connected. Error code 10.
  •     They are investigating reports that the “Disk Optimization” application displays an inscription that optimization has never been performed on SSD devices.

How to update to 20H1 preview build 19035.1

Start → Settings → Update & Security → Windows Insider Program → Windows Insider Account

→ + Link Windows participant account → Sign in with your Microsoft account (,,, MSN, etc.)
→ Select Participant Settings

After [] (recommended) = Slow Ring = 20H1: Build 19035.1
[] Initial = Fast Ring = 20H1: build 19035.1
[] Release Preview Ring = 19H2: Build 18363.476

[20H1 = Initial = Fast Ring Update]: Active_development_of_Windows.reg (Use only when the setting is not fixed!)