Microsoft Windows 10 20H1 new insider Fast 19030 .1 (vb_release) 191119-1609 latest update

Windows 10 20H1 19030.1.vb_release.191119-1609 (3.53 G)

No Watermark as stated
Microsoft wants to know it now. Because you now have a new insider build in the Fast Ring, the 19030.1, more specifically the 10.0.19030.1 vb_release from 19.11. provided for download.
Good afternoon friends! Microsoft has released a new pre-build of Windows 10 20H1 under the number 19030 for members of the Windows Insider program using the Fast (Early Access) channel.

Full build number: 19030.1.vb_release.191119-1609. As you can see, the assembly belongs to the vb_release branch, not rs_prerelease. VB is derived from Vibranium, another code name for Windows 10 20H1.

Other updates for insiders

Cortana for Windows (beta)

Microsoft released some changes to Cortana this week that are available to insiders on the Early Access channel. As part of transforming Cortana from an ordinary digital assistant into a full-fledged virtual assistant that helps users work in Microsoft 365 applications, changes have been made that will allow you to see how the assistant will help you manage tasks and time, as well as communicate with people. You can read more about the changes on the official website.

Fixes and improvements

    There is no watermark in this assembly with information about the assembly in the lower right corner of the desktop. This does not mean that the update is completed.
Fixed a problem due to which it was possible to observe a black screen if you started the PIN code reset procedure for a Microsoft account from the login screen and did not interact with the device for some time. To fix the problem, it was necessary to reboot the device.
Fixed a problem that could lead to a loss of the Night Light function settings on the main monitor when connecting or disconnecting the system from the secondary monitor.
Fixed a problem that could lead to a message about out of memory when watching long HEVC videos.
Fixed an issue where, in recent builds, some applications did not completely fill the screen when the window was maximized.


Known bugs

    BattlEye and Microsoft have identified compatibility issues with some Insider Preview build with certain versions of the BattlEye anti-cheat program due to changes in the operating system. To protect insiders who may have these versions installed, a restriction has been introduced so that Insider Preview builds will not be offered for devices that may be affected by this issue. More information can be found here.
Investigated reports that the system update process may freeze for a long time when trying to install a new assembly.
Some insiders report that the Parameters application still does not start, with the exception of the option to start by URI (ms-settings :). The problem is being investigated.
Some insiders report that after successfully installing the driver for the printer from the Optional Updates section, it still appears as available for installation. The problem is being investigated.
We are investigating reports that some external USB 3.0 drives stop responding when connected. Error code 10 or 38.

Cortana as an app now has more features, but only US-only. Look here. Otherwise, it is again a version that corrects errors, because you are slowly coming to the end. Of course, we will try again to collect the ISO files.