Microsoft Windows 10 20H1 new insider Fast 19028 .1 (vb_release) 191115-1325 latest update

Windows 10 20H1 19028.vb_release.191115-1325  (1.15 GB)


 Security Intelligence Update for Windows Defender Antivirus – KB2267602 (Version 1.305.2472.0) Released on 20-11-2019

 Microsoft continually updates security intelligence in antimalware products to cover the latest threats and to constantly tweak detection logic, enhancing the ability of Windows Defender Antivirus and other Microsoft antimalware

Evaluation version.
Windows 10 Pro
Evaluation copy. Build 19028.vb_release.191115-1325
Good morning friends! Microsoft has released a new pre-build of Windows 10 20H1 under the number 19028 for members of the Windows Insider program using Fast and Skip Ahead channels.

Microsoft has provided a new insider build in the Fast Ring. The 19025.1. More precisely the 10.0.19025.1 vb_release from 12.11.2019. In this version, they have continued to work on the Windows search in File Explorer. Because there was probably too much negative feedback.

A new algorithm also integrates better identification with high disk utilization and activity. So that the indexing runs better. [Update]: And there is already the link for the ISO files.
Full build number: 19028.1.vb_release.191115-1325. As you can see, the assembly belongs to the vb_release branch, not rs_prerelease. VB is derived from Vibranium, another code name for Windows 10 20H1.

Fixed issues in the Windows 10 19025

   A new algorithm also integrates better identification with high disk utilization and activity. So that the indexing runs better. [Update]: And there is already the link for the ISO files.
    Fixed a problem with the previous build that prevented the work of Sandbox and WDAG.
    Fixed a problem that caused certain fingerprint readers from build 19013 to stop working.
   Fixed an issue that could cause VPN settings to hang after the upgrade.
    They’ve done some work to fix a problem that could lead to certain modern UI components (including notifications and the network flyout), either by scaling too big or too small after connecting an external monitor or by we were pushed into the machine by a monitor with another DPI.
    They have resolved a problem that has affected the login performance of some users in recent releases.
    They have resolved an issue that caused Windows Hello authentication to fail with certain applications in recent builds.
    They have fixed an issue that could cause the mouse pointer to not appear when logging on locally to a PC after removing.
    They’ve fixed a problem where the buttons expand to fit the width of the monitor when using the touch keyboard docked on a large screen instead of maintaining optimal width for the touch interaction.
    They have fixed an issue that could cause ctfmon.exe to crash when using the Japanese IME conversion in certain text boxes.
    They’ve fixed an issue that could cause web activities on the timeline not to open when you’ve installed a new Edge.
    They’ve fixed an issue where a large number of app deployment errors could quickly cause an unexpectedly large volume of disk space to be consumed by evtx files stored in% windir%  temp.
    They have resolved an issue that caused some apps not to be updated with error 0x8007000A.
    They have resolved an issue that caused jitters when using the loupe in certain multi-monitor configurations.
    They’ve fixed an issue where the mouse pointer did not start where the magnifier’s viewport was when it left the tap.
    They fixed an issue that affected voice output in Outlook after you moved the focus from an e-mail back to the list of e-mails in your Inbox.
    They fixed a memory leak in EoAExperiences.exe after we used the text cursor display for a long time.
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    Fixed a recent issue that could lead to the crash of the Settings application when connecting or disconnecting the dock of your device. This issue could also affect the launch performance of the Notification Center.
    Fixed a problem that affected the performance of the “Printers and Scanners” section in the “Settings”.
    Fixed an issue where, in the “Settings” section of the “Device Memory” section of the “Other People” item, the correct information about disk usage was not displayed.
    Fixed an issue where the update log reported that a cumulative update requires a reboot, even though the update is already installed. This happened after installing an additional function when the downloaded cumulative update was already waiting for a reboot.
    Fixed an issue that could lead to the crash of the Photos application when interacting with HEVC images.


Known bugs

    BattlEye and Microsoft have identified compatibility issues with some Insider Preview build with certain versions of the BattlEye anti-cheat program due to changes in the operating system. To protect insiders who may have these versions installed, a restriction has been introduced so that Insider Preview builds will not be offered for devices that may be affected by this issue. More information can be found here.
    Investigated reports that the system update process may freeze for a long time when trying to install a new assembly.
    Some insiders report that the Parameters application still does not start, with the exception of the option to start by URI (ms-settings :). The problem is being investigated.

    BattlEye problem due to certain anti-cheat software. To protect insiders who may have installed these versions on their PC, we have introduced compatibility protection on these devices so that they will not be offered affected versions of Windows Insider Preview.
Some insiders report that after the successful installation of printer drivers from the Optional Updates section, you still see the same driver that is available for installation. They examine the problem.
Also, have a problem with using the print screen button on some laptops but on desktop works fine.
We’re investigating reports that certain external USB 3.0 drives that are connected no longer respond with startup code 10 or 38.