Microsoft Windows 10 20H1 new insider Fast and Skip Ahead 19025 .1 (vb_release) latest update

Windows 10 20H1 19025.1. vb_release. 191112-1414

In the latest update date 18th, November 2019 keeps your device running smoothly and troubleshoot would be easy to solve the issues. In the notification bar when we expand, we come across a brightness slider and also added images for the keyboard. Ease of Access gives an option for color filter.

When we click on start and then settings after that system and after click on Clipboard after which, if we sign in then can use the toggles to turn on clipboard history and Sync across devices in win+v shortcut to easily access your clipboard (Paste from your cloud clipboard)

KB2267602 previously received before this update (antimalware platform – KB4052623 (Version 4.18.1910.4) Windows Defender Antivirus, version 1.305.2327.0, 1.305.2252.0, 1.305.2238.0, 1.305.2132.0, 1.305.2207.0, 1.305.2127.0, 1.305.2020.0, 1.305.1949.0) updates received and completed successfully.

Good morning friends! Microsoft has released a new pre-build of Windows 10 20H1 under the number 19025 for members of the Windows Insider program using Fast and Skip Ahead channels.

Full build number: 19025.1. vb_release. 191112-1414. As you can see, the assembly belongs to the vb_release branch, not rs_prerelease. VB is derived from Vibranium, another code name for Windows 10 20H1.

They remind you that the development of this functional update is at an early stage, so the current builds may contain rather unpleasant errors. If you need more stability, They recommend switching to the Slow (Late Access) or Release Preview Channels.

Other updates for insiders Windows Search Enhancement

  • Over the course of several functional updates, Microsoft has been working to improve search results based on insider feedback. In particular, the company added the advanced search mode (a simple option, thanks to which the search is performed on all folders and drives) in 19H1, and also integrated Windows Search into Explorer so that you get the same results no matter what you started the search.
  • The company also asked why insiders turn off search indexing. The feedback received allowed us to make certain improvements and helped developers focus on three key areas that need to be improved in 20H1: excessive load on the disks and CPU’s, general performance problems, and low indexing efficiency.
  • Based on this, Microsoft is introducing a new algorithm that detects high disk usage and activity to determine peak usage time and manage to index accordingly. Also, changes have been made for developers who prohibit searching in certain project repositories and folders, which optimizes disk usage.
  • You can find detailed information about these features in Windows Search on the official Website. There are also helpful tips and troubleshooting information to help you get the most out of Windows Search.

Fixes and improvements

  •     Fixed an issue that prevented Sandbox and WDAG from working on the previous build.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some fingerprint scanners to not work since build 19013.
  • Fixed a problem that could lead to blocking the VPN settings after the update.
  • Some work has been done to help solve the problem due to which certain modern user interface components (including the “Notification Center” and the “Network” pop-up window) They’re scaled and They’re either too large or too small after connecting an external monitor or after remotely accessing computer using a monitor with a different DPI.
  • Fixed an issue that, for some users, affected performance when logging in to previous builds.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows Hello authentication did not work with some applications on previous builds.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the mouse cursor from appearing when logging in locally after remote access.
  • The problem is fixed, due to which, when using the touch keyboard fixed on the big screen, the keys They’re stretched across the width of the monitor rather than using the optimal width for interaction using the touch screen.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause ctfmon.exe to crash when using trans-coding with Japanese IME in some text fields.
  • Fixed an issue where Web activities in Timeline did not open if you had a new Edge installed.
  • The problem is fixed, due to which a large number of application deployment failures in a short period of time could lead to the fact that the evtx files in the% windir% temp folder occupied an unexpectedly large amount of disk space.
  • Fixed an issue due to which some applications did not update showing error 0 × 8007000A.
  • Fixed an issue that caused image jitter when using Screen Magnifier on certain devices in a multi-monitor configuration.
  • The problem is fixed, due to which the mouse cursor was not in the place where the “Magnifier” area is located if it moved after typing.
  • Fixed an issue that affected the performance of the reading Narrator in Outlook after switching focus from an e-mail to a list of letters in the Inbox folder.
  • Fixed memory leak in EoAExperiences.exe, which occurred after prolonged use of the text cursor indicator.

Known bugs

  •     BattlEye and Microsoft have identified compatibility issues with some Insider Preview build with certain versions of the BattlEye anti-cheat program due to changes in the operating system. To protect insiders who may have these versions installed, a restriction has been introduced so that Insider Preview builds will not be offered for devices that may be affected by this issue. More information can be found here.
  •     Some insiders report that the Parameters application still does not start, with the exception of the option to start by URI (ms-settings :). The problem is being investigated.
  •     Some insiders report that after successfully installing the driver for the printer from the Additional Updates section, it still appears as available for installation. The problem is being investigated.
  •     They are investigating reports that some external USB 3.0 drives stop responding when connected. Error code 10 or 38.