Best Templates for blogger xml

Searching for blogger layouts to use on your BlogSpot blog?

I have downloaded all these are from different templates.

You have quite recently discovered the best gathering for yourself.

Your blog configuration is the main thing that pulls in first-time perusers. With regards to BlogSpot formats, we have many free and paid choices out there. The greater part of the bloggers like you who start blogging on BlogSpot, they will in general stick with free layouts offered by These stock formats are straightforward and rich, however, there are many web-designers, who create premium looking blogger layouts for nothing. In the templates has responsive, AdSense, user-friendly, SeoReady, Amp, and many such are been provided.

Above all else, we don’t encourage our customers to download and introduce free site layouts dispersed by wellsprings of questionable unwavering quality. Second of all, do not be confused by the word “free.” In fact, many free templates often have much higher requirements than standard templates. All of the templates that are on this official list have passed a serious screening before being selected for a recommendation as a great free template.

Best Templates for blogger xml
Blogger new look

In general, free layouts are best suited for business cards that describe the company, portfolios, and various single-page sites to promote their product. That is why we are offering you the best 317 free website templates with a cool design, excellent documentation, and a good ranking. Click on the link of any template from this kit and hit the product page you can browse the whole category and choose the appropriate design for you
An amazing assortment of Gallery vogue Blogger Templates 2019 Premium looking or Free transfer, a massive assortment of pictures, Photos, Portfolio, minimalist product journal templates.
Here I’m sharing a gathering of BlogSpot formats, which are premium looking and accompanies a sticker price of “FREE.” It has more than 150 themes install so do click and use the template of your choice.

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How to add a new template on the website in Blogspot?
Sign in to Blogger.
In the top left, click the Down arrow.
Click a blog to update.

Go to blogger website first, go to themes

Best Templates for blogger xml
Step 1

Then click on backup.

Best Templates for blogger xml
Step 2

Finally, install the theme.

Best Templates for blogger xml
Step 3

Note: In the new update if you click by mistake on revert to Classic it would not have any theme installed you would see only codes at the front end of the page. If it happens then if you had taken the backup it could easily be restored whereas if you hadn’t click on backup so select any one default theme then after that use any of the theme which you like and theme would automatically be restored.

The best option is to go to the theme and then paste the whole code then save it.